Some Things to Consider Before Applying for Spousal Maintenance

If your marriage has been dissolved and you need to be supported financially by your former spouse, there is a good chance that you can get the financial assistance you need through spousal maintenance. This is the payment by one spouse to a former spouse in order for them to successfully support themselves after a divorce or a separation.

It is to be noted that this is different from child support. It is not the same as adult child maintenance too. This is financially support geared towards the former spouse. Oftentimes, many programs and shows in popular culture and on television refer to this as alimony.


There several ways that this financial assistance can be paid to the spouse applicant. There are instances when the party concerned will choose to have it paid on a weekly basis. This means that a specific amount is going to be paid to the former spouse for a certain period of time, depending on how long the period was determined for the support to be given. There are some instances when one pays for the funds as a lump sump. Of course, there are several legal matters that should be cleared before the go signal to start receiving such funds will be given. So, taking a closer look on the matter will help one prepare for getting the request filed. Contact best divorce lawyers Melbourne to get more details.

Understand that there are certain conditions that need to be met before one can start the proceedings. The eligibility of the person requesting for the support long with the capacity of the other spouse to give what is required will be taken into consideration. The court would always consider first thing that current financial position of the person that is applying for the assistance. Particularly the court will have to assess the expenses, the income, the assets, as well as the liabilities of the applicant spouse to ascertain if there really is a need for financial support.

A spouse cannot just be ordered to pay for spousal maintenance fees to the other former spouse without the court taking a lot of things into consideration first. There are basic threshold eligibility criteria that need to be met here first. Then it will be truly established that it is appropriate and legally right for the former spouse to receive such support.

Being aware of the things that may cause a person ineligible for such a support should be considered as well. For instance, a spouse who has since married will no longer be eligible for such a support, the same is true for those that have just entered a de-facto relationship as well. If you do believe that you should be receiving such financial support from your former spouse, it would be best if you take a good look at all the conditions that you must meet first before you can apply for one. This will help make it easier to transition towards carrying out the processes involve in getting the legal paperwork done.

Seeking out a legal professional to assist you all through the whole nine yards will be helpful as well. Find an expert on family law with years of experience on his belt handling these legal concerns. He should be able to offer you the guidance you need to get things sorted out.

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